A brainy child who could very well be our Nation’s next Deborah Williamson or Elizabeth Blackburn has nagged at her parents today, asking whether she can go spend some time at Australia’s Church of Science, Questacon.

After spending several days babysitting her anti-vax parents at Canberra’s “Freedom Convoy”, it’s believed 12-year-old Emma Simmons has dared ask her parents if she’s allowed to go explore the sights of the National Science and Technology Centre.

Despite living in a treehouse in the Northern Rivers and missing several weeks of school thanks to her parents’ beliefs concerning jabs and a new world order, it’s believed young Emma is determined to continue feeding her passion, the study of maths and sciences.

Speaking to The Advocate with intelligence well beyond her years, Emma admitted being dragged to the “Freedom Convoy” was by far her least favourite family holiday she’s ever had to endure.

“I’m not stupid, I know my Mum and Dad are a little, let’s say ‘alternative’.”

“But I’ve put up with years of this rubbish, they made me go to bush kindy and live in a commune for like two years, so spending a week at these protests is a walk in the park.”

Asked about her overall experience of Canberra, Emma said she was disappointed she had spent the entire week in the Nation’s capital watching anti-vaxxers hold signs littered with spelling mistakes.

Annoyed and frustrated by the tumultuous holiday, Emma told our reporter she was particularly upset that she wasn’t allowed to enter the National Library of Australia, thanks to some heavy-handed security guards.

“Nope, as soon as I walked up to those doors without any shoes on, security thought I was there to burn the place down and wouldn’t let me in.”

“This whole week is doing my head in.”

“I’m kinda hoping my folks get caught up with the crowd from Ballarat soon and end up getting arrested, that’ll give me a day at least to finally go wander round Questacon!”

More to come.


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