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A French Quarter business consultancy firm held a SuperBowl Party today to celebrate the sport than only the company’s US overlords and local manager seem to follow.

But the crew down at McKinsey & Company Betoota got into the spirit, with various teams being asked to bring a plate (or bowl) of food to the office today for the big game.

However, according to one of the city workers, the team that specialises in making sure the computers aren’t broken didn’t really get into it.

“The guys in IT only emerged after the game was over and went straight to the COVID-safe food buffet, where they helped themselves to everything,” they said.

“Especially Greg, who walked over to us and loudly asked if anyone was planning on ‘pumping’ the rest of the hot wings. As they were cold and extremely spicy, everyone said no and Greg just laughed at us,”

“So he and the other guys, I don’t know their names, they took like 90% of the foot that was leftover back into their department and just went to work on it. Greg must’ve eaten a kilo of cold chicken wings in 10 minutes,”

“I know he’s a big lad but there’s something going on there. I’m not trying to put shit on him for being a bit of a foodie but then again, there’s being a foodie and then there’s eating a kilogram of cold chicken wings in the dark with three other blokes who can’t even maintain eye contact with a painting.”

More to come.


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