The relationship between Australia and the UK may be at an all time high right now as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson just can’t seem to get enough of Scotty’s Crazy Frog impersonation. 

Known for plaguing the mid-noughties with his annoying voice and exposed genitals, the Crazy Frog was a popular animated character who cashed in big back when ringtones were a thing.

While the world seems to have forgotten about the strange blue humanoid, Australia’s Prime Minister thinks he might just be the key to improving relations with the UK.

After discussing how he plans to beat China in a game of footy, Mr Morrison realised Mr Johnson was quickly losing interest in anything he had to say and was forced to whip out the big guns.

“Bada diiiing ding ding ding, khck, maaawww mama maaawwww!” stated Mr Morrison, his hands revving an invisible motorbike in the style of the noughties ringtone superstar.

“Baba dedididi ringd-indy yaya bama biiiiiiiiiing!”

As world leaders from other European countries watched on with looks of fear and confusion, the UK Prime Minister sat on the floor cross-legged, laughing and demanding repeat performances.

“Hahahahaha! Again!” demanded Mr Johnson, rocking back and forth in a fit of giggles.

“More! More!”

According to witnesses, Scotty performed the classic Crazy Frog jingle several times, before attempting a few of his remix numbers from the 2005 album, Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits.

When asked why he spent two hours impersonating the Crazy Frog for the UK Prime Minister, Mr Morrison stated he did not expect a lot of Australians to understand the nuances of international affairs. 

“What would you expect me to talk to him about? The environment? Haha! And I thought I was the Crazy Frog!”


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