A group of Australian Boomers has today notched up a historic win.

However, this time around it’s a victory that working class residents and young people can celebrate.

The Australian Men’s Basketball Team has just beaten the star-studded US Basketball lineup 91-83, in a pre-Olympics exhibition match.

Spearheaded by Patty Mills and Joe Ingles, the win has been referred to as the greatest victory for the Boomers since the 1997 changes to franking credits.

And, the victory has come without superstar Ben Simmons, who is apparently taking time off to work on his personal game, outside of representing the Boomers at the Olympics.

Franking Credits or Dividend Imputation as it’s technically known is a system of tax introduced before the turn of the millennium that allows people to claim money from their shares on the taxpayer’s bill and has resulted in yearly wins for our nation’s boomers.

While those wins are not celebrated by people who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to put into shares, this latest Boomer victory has been.

“Matisse Thybulle playing lockdown D and stuffing MVP Kevin Durant was nearly as good as being able to claim free money,” explained one local Boomer fan.

“If the Boomers can do that in the Olympics, it will be as big as being able to claim money off the taxpayer for your property investments,” he said.

“To put it into context, the US player’s salaries are almost worth as much as we pay our nation’s boomers in franking credits and negative gearing”

“So, it’s a big victory.”

“The US did also lose to Nigeria, but we don’t need to talk about that.”


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