The city of Goulburn has today taken drastic steps to ensure the spicy cough doesn’t get out of hand.

With news emerging overnight that a case had made its way to the area, the Mayor has today ordered one of their own back to town to deal with this crisis.

The case came from a worker who visited the Goulburn Hospital construction site, and now has the region that’s pretended this whole thing hasn’t existed for 18 months, on edge.

“We’ve told Todd it’s time for him to come home,” said the Mayor this morning.

The former NRL star Carney was famously banned from the shire after a string of alcohol-fueled incidents culminating in vandalism back in 2009.

“Come back Todd, and save your hometown who cast you out,” continued the Mayor.

“We need people to stay home, and we are requesting that you don a tap-out shirt and hit the streets.”

Carney has yet to respond to the call out but is believed to be open to the idea of coming full circle.

“If not, we’ll have to open the gates to our correctional facility”

“Or tell the tatted-up cops at the academy that we can guarantee we’ll be turning a blind eye”

More to come.


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