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Commercial airliners rarely fly over the leafy enclaves of our town such as Betoota Grove and Point Remienko, they fly over the more humble parts such as the Flightpath District and Betoota Ponds.

Which is why some residents of The Grove were annoyed to hear Boeing after Airbus after Embraer passing over the slice of our cosmopolitan desert republic.

“It’s deafening,” said one electric Volvo driver.

“I can hardly hear myself think! It’s always late at night or early in the morning, too! I’ve made complaint after complaint and nothing has been done.”

Today, there was movement at the station.

Investigators from the Queensland Air Traffic Authority managed to pinpoint the source of the aircraft noise in just a few minutes.

A 28-year-old full-time live-at-home-son was using his old laptop to browse the internet while his late-model MacBook Pro was at the repairshop.

After watching too many blue movies, the young man decided to clean his filthy computer with MacKeeper. Doing that effectivly bricked his MacBook, forcing him to give it to his Mum to sort out.

Both of his parents were out today working when our reporter dropped by the address to speak with him.

“So I’ve been using my old computer from high school,” he said.

“It’s such a piece of shit, so fucking slow. If you ask it to do anything, it screams like a guinea pig in the microwave,”

“So annoying.”

More to come.


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