The Federal Government has today responded to widespread backlash over their national immunisation policy, by announcing an innovative new plan.

Following months of failed promises Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt have today decided to promise ‘every man, woman and child a copy of Age of Empires II with their spicy cough jab.’

Nearly a couple of decades after the CDs were rolled out in cereal packets, the government is seeking to bring back the free computer game perk for everyday Aussies.

This comes after months of the PM subtly undermining the public health effort to justify the delayed roll out of the keep ya safe shots.

“This is an example of a modern government who is adapting to the times,” said the Health Minister of a nation that currently has 2% of the population received both doses of the lifesaving medicine.

“This new policy will be rolled out in the near future,” continued Hunt.

“I can’t confirm exactly when we will have supply, and exactly how many Kellogs branded CDs we have to give out.”

“We have definitely secured enough of the CDs for everyone in the country.”

“But, it’s not a race. Everyone will definitely receive a copy of the game by at least 2023.”

“And if not, maybe they’ll get that weird Atlantis game or one of those snowboarding ones.”

More to come.


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