A local bloke who’d planned on travelling outside the CBD has today tried his luck, by posting a hopeful status seeking a ride.

Nick Whimp [26] was allegedly visiting family in the remote town of Bedourie when his ute broke down a mere four hours before leaving.

Despite the town being roughly three hours distance from Betoota Ponds, Nick figured there might be a small chance one of his 347 Facebook friends could be heading that way and could offer him a lift – a request he’s sweetened with the promise of petrol money and excellent tunes.

“Anyone heading to Bedourie around 3 pm by any chance?”

“Can offer $$$ for petrol and rad company, hmu.”

It’s reported his status was met with a few laugh reactions but that no one had taken up his generous rebound offer of $50 and a carton of VB.

As the clock had loomed closer to crunch time, a sullen Nick is said to have dmed a few close mates who all offered similar reactions of amusement, before giving up and notifying Nonna that he would not be making it to her birthday this year.

More to come.


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