Delilah Hayley-Hughes Jones has never once made a dollar from modeling, writing about, or designing fashion.

However, she does have mid-tier access media passes to the Afterpay Fashion Week in Sydney.

Followers of her apparent blog have not only been made aware of the fact that she has spent the last 72 hours floating around the Sydney Opera House and CarriageWorks event centre, but they also now know the names of every designer responsible for her outfits.

“She must be doing a couple outfit changes a day” says one bloke, who began following her after spotting a few bikini photos in his newsfeed over summer.

“What’s she doing there? We’d know if she was on the runway by now”

“What does she do anyway?”

Delilah belongs to the collective of unemployed journalism graduates that make up the ‘Real Bloggers Of Sydney’ Instagram account – However, as exclusive as that sounds – she is just one of many self-titled ‘influencers’ who have been given full access to the MBFW outdoor areas and coffee stands.

“I just really wanted to get down here and see the new season” says Delilah.

“I know my followers will be quite interested in my take on it all”

“I’ll be here all week. My dress is Stella McCartney by the way”


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