A man whose phone always goes flat when it comes time to ordering a DiDi or Uber has weirdly made sure to be a good bloke and get the first round of beers for his mates today.

Enjoying a couple of Friday arvo glass sandwiches down at an Old City District watering hole where office people congregate to rapidly drink for a few hours, Talby Watson is kicking back knowing his lord and saviour would be proud.

This follows his decision to make sure to purchase his round of drinks during the short happy hour at Bryans Bar, getting the 8 schooners for the price of 8 middies.

“I’m proactive, not reactive,” said the young Barefoot disciple who hopes to one day own a home in our town’s French Quarter.

Since reading Scott Pape’s financial self-help book some 3 years ago, young Watson has made sure to bring his financial responsibility to his hedonistic lifestyle.

“Don’t worry, on the splurge,” he laughed to our reporter shortly before hinting that he’d be keen to finish the full round off before peeling off to a mate’s place to watch the footy.

“Barefoot would be proud of me,” he then said before walking off to pinch a dart of a mate.

More to come.


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