Local nan Rose Carey isn’t exactly known for her good taste in furniture and knick knacks, though there is one ornament that really takes the cake.

Her ceramic blue dolphin sculpture.

Nestled on top of slightly stained tea doily, the sculpture is said to be the centrepiece of the living room and is often an object of fascination to her youngest grandchildren, who are both transfixed and repulsed by the unsightly object.

Rose’s daughter, Elaine, reports that she’d attempted to coax her mother into getting rid of the statue for years but that she was ‘uncharacteristically stubborn about keeping it.’

This comes after successfully encouraging her grandparents to replace all the velour cornice curtain boards, and removing the weird cabinet full of mismatched china teacups and souvenirs from holidays they went on fifty years ago.

Chatting to our reporter over a plate of crustless ham and cheese sandwiches, Elaine reveals that no one in the family can place the providence of the dolphin sculpture.

“I swear it just appeared in the living room one day”, says Elaine, “we asked her where she got it from and she didn’t know.”

“I’m guessing she picked it up at the markets? At the reject shop? Who knows.”

Her youngest son Michael adds that “his friend’s nan had the same sculpture too.”

“We hired some experts to try and figure out where it came from, when we were sussing out her will. No one knows. Not even the archaeologists”

“Dunno, seems kind of spooky.”

More to come.


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