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A young man in the town’s north has today brought his classmates and teacher to tears with an inspiring rendition of one of Phil ‘Gus’ Gould’s famous pre-game Origin speeches.

Tony Martin (17) from the Betoota Heights area performed the first run of his 4-minute major work in front of the class today and drew rapturous applause form all who looked upon.

Featuring inspiring and upbeat classical music, a suited Martin strolled out onto the stage clasping a microphone and standing in front of projector playing a montage of inspirational origin moments.

After standing in silence for 30 seconds, the student began his spiel as a slow-mo of Paul Gallen punching Nate Myles on the chin played in the background montage.

“If you look at history you will learn lessons. You will learn that you can never, ever write Queensland out of State of Origin,” Martin began.

“NSW might be favourites. NSW has the talent to win, they have the coach to win, they have the players to win. But do they have the mentality, the drive, the belief, the desire,” he continued.

“Queensland, the mighty Maroons, have the culture, the unwavering belief in their state and their mates, if NSW for a second take this for granted it will be over.”

“It will be violent, it will be brutal. These players, these men, these warriors, they will enter the cauldron tomorrow tonight and will fight for it all. We will cringe at the cruelty, but it will be compelling viewing, you won’t be able to look away.”

“Given the situation, given the players, given the nature of origin, it will be the law of the jungle. Only the strongest will survive in Origin.”

“If I honestly ask you. Ask you NSW fans, sitting here in front of me, will the Blues win. Deep down, in your heart? See, right there, that tiniest bit of hesitation, that tiny bit of doubt. You hesitate out here you lose. You doubt yourself out here you lose!”

“You have to believe. NSW have to believe. They have to. Tomorrow night is the night.”

“Enjoy your origin folks,” he said before dropping the mic and walking off the stage to tear and applause.

Martin’s teacher told our reporters that it was the most moving performance he has ever seen.

“We have kids who speak about all sorts of experiences, but this performance, it transcended all social barriers. It was the most moving thing I’ve seen.”

More to come.   


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