Prime Minister Turnbull’s undying love for the great Aussie pastime of Aussie Rules Football was on display for all today, after he posed for a photo with his beloved NSW Waratahs jersey.

Turnbull, who was under the impression that game I of the 2018 State Of Origin series was to be played this weekend, says he’s always respected those able to push their body to the limits for four quarters high contact football.

“It’s mate versus mate. State versus State. I hope the Waratahs win, but only because I was born and raised within the state boundaries of New South Wales. That makes them my team”

“Best of luck to the Roar as well, but I hope my team do well too”

With the exclusions of Billy Slater and Dane Gagai, as well as Cameron Smith it appears the Queensland side will be  lapsing from the impenetrable form that graced them for their entire decade of dominance.

“I believe this is a game between two teams, made up of players from specific parts of the country” he said.

“Good luck to them all [haha]”

“But, best of luck to my team that I support in this prominent sporting fixture between two seemingly passionate sides”


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