It’s been revealed today the State Of Origin bosses have struck a deal which will see brussels sprouts served at Origin 3 at Suncorp Stadium.

The news comes just a few days after they announced they would be exclusively serving Carlton United beer at the Brisbane stadium, which is located about 300 metres away from the famous XXXX brewery.

In a lucrative deal, the usual pies, sausage rolls and fish & chips will be absent from the bain-marie and replaced with cups of lightly microwave-steamed brussels sprouts and an optional side of coriander.

Raylene Hadley, spokesperson for the brussels sprouts supplier Absolute BS, said that game-goers are assured that the leafy green, vitamin C-packed vegetable will be QLD grown, which will no doubt appease any naysayers.

“We’ve made an effort to ensure that the sprouts served at Lang Park will be locally sourced” she declared. “Unfortunately the only place we could find the coriander, though, was in the fiery depths of Hell. So we’ve made that an optional side – unless you’re a Blues supporter”.

It was also confirmed that the players will be able to enjoy some sprouts post-match, as esky’s full of them will be ready and waiting in the sheds, sure to go down a treat after a hard fought series.

NSW will have the leftover coriander sent down for them to enjoy.


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