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The cricketing world is reeling today from shocking developments overnight that the British sports media didn’t blow allegations of ball-tampering out of proportion and reduce their captain to tears.

Yesterday during the Test Match against India at Lords, English quick-bowler Mark Wood allegedly try kick the ball through the legs of his teammate Rory Burns, who then stepped on the ball.

Allegations that the England players were tampering the ball soon followed on social media but the reaction from the British media has shocked all, according to one England player who spoke to The Advocate on the promise of anonymity.

“We were expecting to be hounded by the press,” they said.

“Like having them camp outside the team hotel, chase us onto the team bus, chase us through an airport and make our captain cry in front of the nation’s media while his old man gently pats him on the back,”

“Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? I thought half the team was going to be stood down. To be honest with you, I thought this thing would trigger an inquiry into the game itself in England and punish players for being too ruthless and too competitive,”

“Instead, either Mark or Rory might cop a fine and if they’re really unlucky, they might get a one-match ban,”

“Or nothing will happen.”

The Advocate has reached out to the ECB for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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