The latest challenge to take the internet by storm has NRL executives increasingly nervous, as they predict that the reckless nature of ‘the milk crate challenge’ will greatly appeal to the average professional rugby league player.

The trend, which recently started on TikTok, challenges participants to stack a pyramid of thirty milk crates precariously, and attempt to climb to the top and then back down again without the whole thing exploding and causing extreme damage to whoever is on top.

As obscure as this new social media challenge is, the most bizarre aspect of it all is that so many people around the world somehow has access to thirty milk crates.

However, where there is will for stupidity to take place on social media, there is a way for NRL players to get involved.

As videos of people painfully stacking it go viral, NRL chairman Peter V’Landys has come out strong today warning NRL players of the dangerous injuries that can occur.

“Please. For the love of god” said Saint Peter.

“We are at the pointy end of the season and the last thing we need is Jarome or Victor breaking their ribs on the pointy corner of milk crate”

“Stick to the motorcross and firearms. You can do your little dances like Cleary did. But stay away from the damn crates”

With Australian hospitals already overwhelmed by the virus, the NRL is moving quickly to bring in immediate $20,000 fines for any player caught fucking around on these crates.

However, the competitive nature of the average NRL start appears to be a far greater force than the game’s bosses realise, with Melbourne storm star Josh Addo-Carr taking to Instagram to ask ‘who got da crates in the Sunny Coast???’

“Got some big money on the line here” wrote Addo Carr.

“Cheese don’t reckon I kind do it. Bout to show him”

“Ill do it with one leg datit”


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