The world’s number one tennis player has today issued another demand to Australian Open organisers and the Victorian government.

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With Dan Andrews bringing in planeloads of tennis players who have to isolate because of active Covid cases on board, Novak and a number of other players have made complaints about their quarantine conditions.

The Premier has since turned down those requests.

While the requests have drawn the ire of the nation, Novax has since doubled down and demanded that the government hire Pete Evans as his personal chef.

The 8 time Aus Open winner said the famous anti-vaxxer and conspiracist was his desired choice as chef, and as a rich entitled tennis player, his demands should be met.

“That’s how these things work,” explained an angry Novax this morning.

“I have the money, I should be able to get what I want, when I want,” said the man who organised the ill-fated tour that gave a lot of people Covid last year.

“And anyway, if Pete or I somehow spread Covid, we can just use his $15,000 light machines to cure the virus.”

“Easy,” said the man whose public profile has headed south in recent times, faster than a Victorian on New Year’s eve.

“We are birds of a feather Pete and I. We both hate and distrust the system that made us millionaires who can live a life of luxury and hedonism.”

“So it will be great to have him as part of my team.”

Premier Dan Andrews is yet to comment on the most recent demand.

More to come.


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