Watch out Dwayne Johnson, there’s a new rock in town.

Like many young single men, Luke Arnold (22) of Betoota Grove looks to park boot camps as an opportunity to demonstrate strength and appear attractive to women and if he has time, maybe enjoy himself a bit too.

Attending a workout down at the park Arnold knew he would have to pull off some serious feats of strength to make himself appear to be the big dog.

Luckily for Arnold, he knew just what to do and tensed his budding six pack before asking the smallest woman at the workout to punch him directly in his abs.

“Nope, can’t feel it!” bragged Arnold, as a woman who had never thrown a punch prior to this moment continuously punched his abs.


Witnesses state the ordeal continued for around one minute and only ended when Arnold spied netball centre Gillian Tan (20) cracking her knuckles in suspected anticipation. 

“Ok, that’s enough, who’s for shots.” 

At the time of writing it is unknown if Arnold managed to woo any potential partners with his fierce demonstration of strength.


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