Betoota Heights father of three, Kerry Bassick (56) has spent the last 12 hours familiarising himself with the entire catalogue of British folk-pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

“Soooo… Apparently he was born in Yorkshire but lives in London now” says the newly anointed Ed Sheeran expert.

“Five studio albums. He recorded the last one in the middle of the pandemic with a newborn at home. He doesn’t much around”

“It wasn’t a bad album either. Elton John actually appeared on one song with him. Which is ironic. Because they both played last night”

This newfound fandom follows the celebration of the life of Shane Warne, which was broadcast to over a billion people live from Melbourne Cricket Ground last night.

The Bassick family were also tuned in to the state funeral from start to finish, as Kerry took in every minute detail that was revealed about his cricketing hero throughout the touching memorial service.

Taped musical performances by Elton John, Robbie Williams, Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue were screened during the service, with world cricket greats, local Melbourne identities and an array of other famous faces and dignitaries present in the crowd.

However, there was one young fella performing that Kerry hadn’t heard much of before, mostly due to the fact that he hasn’t paid much attention to the musical interests of his teenage daughters at any point over the last decade.

“This Ed Sheeran bloke goes alright hey” Kerry tells the family this morning, momentarily breaking eye contact away from his intense YouTube binge at the kitchen table.

While Kerry has definitely heard Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ blaring out of his daughters bedrooms hundreds of times before, it was only when it was presented to him as a tribute to Shane Warne that he realised that this pommy bloke can actually sing.

At time of press, Kerry had just about listened to every single song Ed Sheeran has ever recorded, and is now pretending like he knew who he was all along.

“Yeah. He and Warnie went way back”

“Ed Sheeran is a cricket die-hard. So obviously Warnie was his hero. And Warnie loved music. So it was a match made in heaven”

“Anyway, you guys heard of this Coldplay bloke?”


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