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Western Australians have today been given a life raft by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as he’s urged them to think ‘outside the box’ and find housing elsewhere if they’re ‘too poor to afford rent.’

Sick of everyone’s whinging, a frustrated Morrison has stated that it’s not his job to fix everything, and that if Aussies are expected to be coddled all the time we’ll never learn to stand on our own two feet. However, if people really are too dumb to figure it out themselves, a generous Morrison has offered some nuggets of wisdom to struggling renters looking for a solution – to try a ghost town.

Citing the town ‘Wittenoom’ as his inspiration, Morrison says not only are there plenty of old homes available but also job opportunities with the abundance of blue asbestos left over. That is, despite asbestos mining being officially banned in 2003.

Touted as Australia’s biggest industrial disasters, more than 2,000 deaths have been linked to Wittenoom, affecting generations of families and devastating the WA aboriginal community, who now have the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world. Due to the slowly debilitating effects of asbestos on the body, it can take decades for people to succumb to respiratory illnesses, which range from asbestosis to multiple forms of cancer – the most common being mesothelioma, which is almost always fatal.

Speaking to The Advocate, Morrison says he’s ‘aware of all this’ but ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ at the end of the day.

“Asbestos usually takes decades to kill you”, says Morrison, “so I mean, maybe don’t go there if you’re young and healthy.”

“But if you’re old you don’t really have much to lose, do you?”

“Living the Australian dream isn’t easy. I know Jenny and I scrimped and saved to get to where we are today.”

“If you want to become a homeowner, it takes sacrifice.”

More to come.


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