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The close-knit Waratah’s team has thrown their support behind teammate Israel Folau this today as he comes to terms with the fact that his childhood hero, singer-songwriter Peter Allen, is currently burning in hell.

Allen, who passed away at age 48 from an AIDS-related illness, chose to live his life as a gay man for latter part of his professional career – a small fact that was lost on Folau until today.

Our reporters have understood Issy was a ‘huge fan’ of Peter’s music growing and tracks such as ‘Tenterfield Saddler’ and ‘Woah, Woah When My Baby! [Go To Rio]’ were staple additions to his Walkman CD mixtapes.

“He’s taken the news quite hard,” said Waratahs coach Daryl Gibson.

“At the moment, we’re taking it day by day. He’s not expected to play this weekend at this stage, however, we do have Paddy Ryan out there now practising his kick returns in case Issy is confirmed out. He taught Nick Phipps how to box kick, too. The boy has a good boot on him,”

“Regardless, we’d like to ask the media to stay away and respect our privacy at this time.”

The team flies out to Tokyo tonight where they’re expected join the long list of sides to flog the pants off the Sunwolves this weekend.

More to come.



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