A new scheme aimed at promoting freshly made health foods to school children currently being implemented by state governments around the country is being blamed for a lack of ‘big boys’ in Australian rugby circles.

Wallabies Coach Michael Cheika says that while current Wallabies front rowers are probably the strongest in the current line up, he’s worried about the rise of weasely kids in the grassroots.

“It’s just not a good outlook” he said.

“We need the chubby kids with temper problems munging into Pizza Rounders and Sunny Boys from a young age”

“So that the by the time they hit the paddock at full contact, they have at least twenty to thirty kegs on the wingers. The game is built around an inclusive attitude to body types”

Queensland and other relatively rugby-centric places like the ACT and Northern Victoria are also believed to be mirroring the NSW Government’s new Healthy Schools Canteen strategy. The new system will see fruits, vegetables, sandwiches,

The new system will see fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, pastas and stir fries will make up at least 75 per cent of canteen menus – and “occasional foods” like pies, sausage rolls and pizza will be limited to the remaining 25 per cent.

“It’s a real worry” said former Wallabies coach and 2GB radio host Alan Jones.

“How are we supposed to pack down against the All Blacks with blokes who have grown up on sliced apples?”

“We need them digging into the Mrs Macs in Kindy. The earlier the better!”



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