A hotly contested footy match between rival undefeated clubs in a regional derby with a history of crowd violence has seen two communities come together today with a slapstick moment of humiliating clumsiness.

Tensions were high as the Dalby Necktatts took on the Warwick Methlabs at Vince Dempsey Oval in Westbrook today, after months of abusive shot-firing on Facebook between players and player’s mums.

With early chatter of people meeting in car parks after the march, and the possibility of some mid-2000s era Woolworths trolley poles stashed in the boot a few Commodores – club officials and local police were growing more and more nervous as the day unfolded.

A dead tie at half-time did very little to quell fears over a potential riot going down at the end of the match.

Community figures and local families white knuckled it through the the 20 minute break as vitriolic abuse got worse and worse from the opposing supporters.

“You look like something I drew with my left hand you ugly prick!” one Necktatts club legend yells at the 85-year-old secretary of the Methlabs.

“Oh go and fuck yourself you dough-eyed cunt” the secretary yelled back.

Both sides run out through the tunnel for the second half at the same time, with opposing players visibly assaulting each other’s ribs with elbows and jersey punches.

At this point the club bar was ready to burst into violence, that was until the first play, where a kick from the Methlabs went into touch.

The tubby 23-year-old running the sidelines is unable to stop as he sprints to the mark, and falls back and hits the deck..

Immediately the tension between both sides disappears, as everyone in the crowd laughs hysterically at the dopey bastard covered it mud.

Even his own family are laughing along with them, it really was that funny watching him go arse over tit.

“Haha jeez. Gotta love club footy” says the treasurer, as he shakes hands with man he had called a dough-eyed cunt just minutes ago.

“How bout the touchie eating shit”


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