A late-30s professional rugby league player has now reached that point in his career where he has to choose between an immediate retirement, or playing low quality football until he is 40.

Kenneth Cronklie (37) currently has several offers to work as either a pokie rep for Aristocrat, a real estate agent for Ray White, or if things get desperate, for Channel 7.

However, it might be easier on his body if he just plays for the Wests Tigers for the next few years, while his kids finish up high school.

After a storied career as a 300-game NRL journeyman, Kenneth is even a bit too concussion-riddled for the Super League or French Rugby, but a three-year contract with the Tigers is still very much on the table.

“I’m not sure. It could be pretty chilled out and I might even get a gig as captain” he said.

“The missus runs a lifestyle instragram blog, so she can pretty much work from everywhere”

“I think I’m gonna do it hey. I’d probably have a bigger chance of getting injured if I opened my own F45 here in Wollongong”

After 19 years in the NRL, a part from one year playing Wigan in 2009, Kenneth is lucky enough to have played a full half of Origin football in his late twenties, meaning he can also speak at corporate lunches for the rest of his career.


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