Valerie Roberts is having a hard time getting into The Crown due to its startling historical inaccuracies, it’s reported.

The Betoota heights mum allegedly picked up the show per the request of her daughter Leslie, who was trying in vain to get her mother to watch something other than Homes under the Hammer for once.

Leslie tells our reporter that she thought her mum would enjoy the TV series, given her obsession with Princess Diana and a deep interest in everything royal family related.

However, as she tried to watch the show with her mum, Leslie’s attempt at bonding was met with nothing but harsh criticism – something that should have been expected as the last time Leslie popped on a period drama, her mother had spent a good portion of the movie complaining about African American characters and using her passion for ‘accurate historical details’ as an excuse for racism. 

This time, however, Valerie has taken umbrage on the way characters of the royal family interact with one another – namely Prince Phillip and Prince Charles.

“Oh, Prince Phillip was never that bad! They’re exaggerating him quite a bit.”

“He had nothing to do with the plane crash. Bit of a reach, if you ask me.”

“They’re clearly painting him as the villain.” 

However, it’s alleged Valerie’s constant barbs about exaggerated storylines was momentarily put on pause when Leslie later popped on the 2006 hit ‘300’ – stating that the only noises she heard from her mother were ‘verbal sounds of admiration’ and the occasional ‘oh he’s nice.’

More to come.


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