If Patrick Bohmer [27] knew he’d end up working over the Christmas holiday break, he would have stayed in the office and at least gotten paid for it.

The Brisbane local had reportedly taken a week off work to travel up to Betoota Heights, where he planned on catching up with the family. However, what originally was a much-needed break from the big city has unfortunately devolved into him fixing every single computer-related problem for his older family members. An act of good faith that was quickly taken advantage of once word got around that he had above average technical capabilities.

Not that any of the tasks were particularly hard, but his family appeared to have never transgressed past owning a Windows 95.

“Patrick, what’s my password?”

“What do you mean it just saves? Where? The cloud? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Can you get rid of these pop-ups?”

“It keeps saying I have a virus?”

“It worked fine before your father put all those games on it.”

“How do I send a photo to your sister on my phone?”

“No that’s fine, I like Bing.”

More to come.


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