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Richard Thomas had never thought his position as head of the house would be under attack so soon. 

At a recent birthday party hosted by Richard and his wife Claire in their Armadale home there was a change in the leadership of the household. Richard found himself distracted as the singing of happy birthday ended, his son Jude, age 7 saw this moment and took on the leadership position.

As soon as the singing of Happy Birthday ended Jude loudly exclaimed “Hip Hip!” which directed the rest of the family in attendance to respond with “Hooray!” In essence Jude had become the conductor of this family orchestra. 

“I just didn’t think it could happen like this, I expected there was some sort of slow transition.” a defeated Richard admitted. 

Conversations with a few of the attendees of the party made it clear that they almost immediately recognised the shift in power.

“Thanks for having us, the lawn is looking great Jude.” said Aunt Sally on her way out. Richard’s brother Jake even invited Jude out to golf the next morning, seemingly revoking the invite Richard had already received. 

Jude was showing out strongly with his new found power within the household. “If I have to watch one more footy game I’m gonna lose it, it’s my house so the only sport we’ll be watching is Fortnite.” exclaimed Jude while standing on his tippy toes to match the tall guy vibe he was trying to exude. 

When asked if he was worried that this change in hierarchy could possibly produce some kind of power vacuum, Jude replied “Nah, mum does the vacuuming. No one’s gonna take over there.”

Best of luck Jude, hopefully you manage your first stress as head of the house at next month’s rent inspection. 


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