A Betoota teen has today landed a sneaky one on his brother, who was innocently watching a movie in his room prior to the incident.

It’s alleged Tyson Young [14] has been traipsing around the house bored shitless, when he was alerted to the building sensation of his rumbling bowel.

Though he’d have normally let one rip right there in the living room, his brother’s closed bedroom door appeared to call like a beacon, ushering him to open it and share what he knew would be a bit of a wet one.

“Hey Kyle.”




“Do you smell popcorn?”

Taking a moment to savour his brother’s confused expression, a slow smile creeps on Tyson’s face as the sound of him dropping his guts blasts through the room, earning the full ire of Kylie’s rage as he launches himself at the smelly intruder.

More to come.


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