When it comes to visiting nonna, all those who frequent know there is one area that can’t be touched – the good room.

Designed with absolutely no function in mind, the good room acts as a timeless relic for guests to view but never use. An idea that makes no sense, given that none of the furniture can be seen as it’s covered in plastic.

It is also not known why this room requires so much cleaning, considering no one ever walks in there or sits down on any of the furniture. However, this does not stop nonna from spending at least two to three hours vaccuuming the place each day.

Like painting a bullseye, the good room naturally piques the interest of children, who are simultaneously excited and terrified of exploring the unknown realm of knick-knacks and floral prints.

But if one thing’s for certain, all those who dare will incur the wrath of nonna.

This is believed to have been the cause of a recent incident in Betoota’s Flight Path District over the weekend.

It’s alleged one local nonna Maria Campese (77) had generously decided to look after her grandchildren one Saturday afternoon – before the pair of rambunctious siblings got within one metre of the good room.

And though the incident was entirely an accident, Nonna is said to have dramatically clapped her hands and chased the children away before closely inspecting the room for any signs of life.



“You never!”

More to come.


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