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While people in more developed parts of the country like Queensland, Tasmania and the Democratic People’s Republic of Western Australia (DPRWA) can enjoy trips to the pub and their favourite restaurants without the fear of catching the Sydney Sneeze, there’s only one place in Australia where a local man can enjoy a Riverina rollie for desert.

Speaking to The Advocate via telephone, a French Quarter-born man who now calls Canberra home has told of his own personal toils during the lockdown down there and why having access to high-quality, home-grown cannabis has made things easier.

“Yeah sure, my mates in Queensland can still go to the pub and they send pictures of cold schooners and beaches and whatnot,” said Rob Rockford, 34.

“But they can’t take a little joint to the pub without running the risk of being caught by the cops and bashed. That’s what cops do in Queensland. If you’re reading this and you’re not from Queensland, if you ever find yourself in Queensland and you see the cops, stay the fuck out of their way,”

“Anyway, they can have their schooners. Any clown can go to a pub and have a beer but it takes a real society to let you grow your own green shit. It’s made lockdown fly past, I can’t even tell you when it started. I live down the road from the shops, there’s nothing I want that I can’t get there,”

“I work in politics so being affected by drugs and alcohol at work is tolerated, if not celebrated. So that’s another thing you can shove up your arse.”

When asked by our reporter if he felt bad for Sydney, he said, “Sydney who? Sydney Brenner? The South African biologist? He’s dead. Vale Sydney.”

Our reporter then terminated the interview.

More to come.


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