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It started with a simple question.

“What should we do for Easter?”

And everything began to unravel.

“Oh, I was going to go with Murray and Glen to Tassie to go fly-fishing like I always do,” said Sam Beadan, a Betoota Heights software engineer with an absolute fanatical interest in fly-fishing.

It was at that time that Maison Wilbur, who now thinks she might’ve just agreed to go out with Sam because the world had just been plunged into a pandemic, wondered if his outdoorsy disposition was becoming more annoying than it was attractive.

Maison explained to this masthead that she once loved the fact that Sam had such an array of extra-curricular interests that made him different from the other self-important white-collar-robots that remain on the meat market at their age.

Now, it’s starting to impact her lifestyle.

“It’s not the fly-fishing, it’s the fact he didn’t even think to include me in his fly-fishing plans,” she said.

“He gets tunnel vision with these hobbies. He’s too into them. I thought he’d lose interest in doing these things when he showed some commitment to me but nope, he’s still out there every other weekend trying to catch bass and trout and God knows what else,”

“It’s the weirdest thing, he doesn’t even look at other women. He looks at fishing rods and asks me what I think. And get this, once I asked him to bring back a fish for dinner and he looked at me like I was the crazy one. He said he doesn’t keep the fish, he fights them then lets them go,”

“Maybe I don’t know him as well as I thought I did. His interests are annoying me now because they’re starting to dictate what I do with my time off. Yeah sure, we spent the last two long weekends doing couple stuff but I’m not a part-time job.”

The Advocate reached out to Sam for comment but was told by Maison that he probably wouldn’t get a response for ages as he’s at work.

“Typical,” she said.

More to come.


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