A local child has made the mistake of complaining about his boredom within earshot of his dad, it’s reported.

Tyler Hodgins [7] was having a pretty lacklustre Saturday as his neighbourhood bestie Liam was away at Fraser Island with the family. Much like every other 7 year old, Tyler was not able to entertain himself for too long and had a lot of pent up energy that couldn’t be exercised on the Xbox – nor it seemed, did mindlessly pacing around the house.

Of course, a child’s boredom must become everyone’s problem as they’re not equipped to handle even a moment to themselves. A dilemma that’s especially hard during those long summer holidays.

Though mum had offered a sympathetic ear and some reasonable solutions such as reading a book or watching Netflix, it was dad that provided a pearl of wisdom.

“Only boring people are bored, son.”

“Why don’t you come help me clean the garage? Won’t be bored then.”

It’s alleged that Tyler had quickly rescinded his boredom complaint and gone traipsing off to his bedroom, where the sounds of Call of Duty could be heard blasting from his TV.

More to come.


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