Local woman, Alyssa Thompson has been looking like shit all day. Or at least, that’s what she thinks.

If it’s not for her thin hair that makes any sort of styling impossible or the persistent outbreak of pimples on the right side of her chin, Alyssa also has to contend with fawn-like eyelashes that insist on facing downwards. Problems that are a very big deal for a twenty-four year old.

Though she’ll likely look back on photos of herself when she’s older and think of how stupid it was to be insecure, Alyssa can’t help comparing herself to the hordes of beautiful women she sees on her Instagram feed every day. All of whom have thick, luscious hair and not a blind zit insight.

Despite feeling like she looks like an oily swamp monster from hell every day, there is a short window where Alyssa actually doesn’t look half bad – right before she has a shower.

It’s unknown why the person reflected in the mirror is so pretty or if the slight shower fog has somehow created a real-life filter but Alyssa wishes her small window of prettiness would last a bit longer. Or it could at least occur during the day when she was actually seeing people.

Alyssa knows rationally that there’s no way her face can magically change throughout the course of a day but still finds herself feeling a little bit sad at the prospect of washing away her good looks.

More to come.


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