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A local mum has kindly offered some assistance to a handsome twenty something chippy today, after spotting him using a device to locate studs in the wall.

It’s alleged Julie Comb [42] was underseeing the renovation work to her home, and had been rather involved with the latest work being undertaken in her living room by ‘Brad’, an unfairly attractive builder who seemed more than happy to chuck in the odd innuendo as Julie flitted in and out of the space, offering the occasional coffee, beer or bite to eat.

And though the conversations had always just bordered on being slightly inappropriate, a cheeky Julie decided to step it up a gear one Friday afternoon, which may or may not have been bolstered by the bottle of savvy b she’d drunk during lunch with the girls. Who also, may or may have encouraged her a little bit.

“You know”, says Julie, as she takes off her reading glasses, “I’m a bit of a stud finder myself.”

Adding that she might know a place he could drill, Julie’s salacious comments were unfortunately met with confusion, as the chippy proved he wasn’t the brightest bulb.

“Hahaha I highly doubt you’re better than my Prosensor”, said Brad, looking at his tools affectionately, “used to do the knuckle tap trick but I couldn’t always trust my judgement you know?”

“I’ve made the mistake of getting too cocky in the past so I prepare myself better now, not worth the foreman ripping me a new one haha.”

“But thanks for your offer.”

More to come.


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