A cacophony of whizzing tires and loud expletives is humming on the outskirts of town this afternoon, as the local Betoota BMX track experiences its first wave of congestion since the pandemic.

Overflowing with flat cap youths and remote-control car enthusiasts, the collection of dirt humps appears to be the number one spot in town for those looking to satisfy their big air cravings.

A community hub, partly funded by Betoota council, PCYC and the Betoota BMX Club, has once again proven itself to be a vital resource, giving locals who appreciate energy drinks a place to congregate.

Sitting on the throne of his trusty Mongoose Legion, local Kawasaki King Jaxon Hoffman (23) told The Advocate the soaring cost of fuel had forced him to cancel his usual weekend plans, dust off his old bike and relive his high school ‘pedal-to-the-metal’ glory days.

“Mate usually I’d be loading my KX250’s onto the ute and heading out to Betoota Dam to fang around, but you reckon I can afford that in this economy?”, said Hoffman.

“By the time I fill up the Hilux and a jerry can for the bike, it’d be a $200 Saturday, I can get a room at the Hilton in Brisbane for cheaper than that!”

Watching on as a young grommet axes himself over the handlebars, Hoffman told our reporter that coming back to the bike track was a welcome trip down memory lane.

“Oath, I used to love this place when I was growing up!”

“I even did my first bar spin-off that 2nd ramp over there…” 

With the park quickly overfilling, Hoffman told The Advocate that come lunchtime he expected some scuffles to break out.

“Oh 100%, soon those remote-control car weirdos will show up once Church is finished, and then they’ll be a fight for sure.”

“Last weekend someone threw a full can of Mother at them for taking up all the lanes, so it’ll be on again no question”

More to come.


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