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Though the alternative scene in Brisbane is growing, if the amount of teenagers hanging outside the Cheep Store in the Queen St mall is anything to go by, everybody knows that the culture capital is Melbourne – in particular, Fitzroy or Brunswick.

Considered a rite of passage, edgy women looking for a change of scenery tend to flock to the art city as London is way too expensive to live in on a barista or bartender budget. This move tends to occur in the early twenties and after a pivotal life event, such as quitting a job or breaking off a relationship, and involves making a big song and dance about it on Facebook. Ideally, a photo at the departure gates.

Unfortunately, it appears that Melbourne’s reputation as the place to be has now been damaged by last year’s 300 day lockdown, which was the highest recorded lockdown nationwide – and hardly in theme with the freedom loving lifestyle of the alternative crowd.

So now young, bright eyed women looking for a way to run away from life’s problems are tasked with finding a new place to call home for a few months, as Melbourne tries to restore its cool reputation.

Our reporter chats to a couple of Brissie locals for an idea of where they plan on going now that one of the most liveable cities on earth is taking a break.

“I really want to immerse myself more in music and art”, says one girl, “so I’m finding myself gravitating towards Newtown.”

“I mean, I think that’s the only option left now?”

Another girl reckons she’d like to do Byron, but that it’s likely not feasible given the cost of rent.

“Yeah I might have to just move somewhere close, like West End.”

“It doesn’t have quite the same energy as Fitzroy, but at least it smells like pot.”

More to come.


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