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After binge watching the second season of Bridgerton, local woman Gemma Bloomfield finds herself harbouring some very sinful thoughts about the actor who plays Anthony Bridgerton, stating that she feels like ‘throwing up’, knowing that she’ll never get to experience a forbidden romance or have a man chase her on a horse in the rain.

Explaining to The Advocate that she’d been initially wary, seeing as the duke was no longer the main character this season, Gemma says she pretty much forgot all about him just ten minutes into the first episode – especially seeing as Anthony had gotten rid of those horrible mutton chops.

“God I would just disintegrate into a pool of liquid if a man looked at me like that”, swoons Gemma, “and the way he SMELLS her.”

“Is it possible to find a man that’s written by a woman? I want to be called the bane of someone’s existence.”

“The breathing, the hands, the piercing stolen glances.”

“The last guy who messaged me on a dating app just sent me the waggling tongue emoji.”

Smiling dreamily as she wonders out loud if the actor Jonathon Bailey was dating anyone, our reporter gently breaks it to her that he’s sadly not into women.


“Are you sure!?”

“Fuck, honestly it makes sense, he and Antony from Queer Eye has a similar vibe.”

“Is he not at least…bi?”

“Honestly, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”

More to come.


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