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A local Betoota Heights couple has been accused of making too much money this week, after it was discovered that they’d bought their baby ‘Alfie’ an $130 pair of Adidas sneakers.

Hayden and Clarissa Campton were seen flouting this outrageous display of wealth at a friend’s birthday party on the weekend, causing many whispers amongst the crowd and even some snarky comments, considering they’d cheaped out on the host’s guests. As Clarissa had walked around carrying the bub his happy little feet kicks were met with disdain instead the usual adoring smiles, as people began to realise they’d all been tricked into thinking the Campton’s were one of them.

Our reporter Effie speaks to a couple of attendees at the party, who all share similar feelings of disgust.

“Who the fuck spends that much on baby shoes?”, asks a friend of a friend, Daryl, “I swear my kids feet changed sizes every two weeks.”

“What on earth do they do for a living?”

His wife Kate adds that she personally finds it ‘rather distasteful’ that the couple would be such show offs, especially considering the economic struggles most Aussies are facing at the moment.

“I’m guessing they don’t have any trouble paying off a mortgage”, spits Kate, “probably don’t even have one!”

“Might ask them for a ride back, seeing as they can clearly afford the petrol.”

More to come.


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