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As news spreads of the official release date for Game of Thrones prequel ‘The House of the Dragon’, one former fan is said to have absolutely no interest in investing any time into the series.

Melinda Clarke [26] tells The Advocate that she’d been a massive fan of the original series, excitedly running home every Monday afternoon to illegally download the show, and spending hours reading theories on Reddit. Stating that she’d never been so invested in a television show before and that it was a huge part of her life, Melinda says she was brought to tears by the last season – and not for the right reason.

“I still think about it, three years later”, says Melinda, “fucking eight years and it turned to absolute dogshit.”

“I’m not kidding, if I’d seen Weiss and Benioff I’d have decked them on sight.”

“Apparently they were too keen to get started on the Star Wars trilogy so they cut the last season of Game of Thrones short. This is DESPITE HBO offering them more episodes.”

“But no, they wanted to get it over and done with, so they put fuck all effort in.”

“I will never get over this. Game of Thrones went from being the best television series I’d ever seen to being the absolute worst. I can’t even bring myself to rewatch it. Tyrion went from being so intelligent and calculating to an absolute dumb cunt? And what about the prophecies? Azor Ahai? Cersei wasn’t killed by a brother?”

“Then you have the absolute lack of proper character development for Daenerys Targaryen. We didn’t see someone slowly progress into madness, she just randomly snapped?”

“And don’t get me started on fucking BRAN.”

“They may as well have uploaded a video of steaming shit and it would have been better than that hastily produced, garbage fire of a season.”

Taking a quick breath to collect herself, Melinda adds that she won’t even be hate watching the House of the Dragon, as she just can’t bring herself to relive her trauma.

“Yeah nah, zero interest.”

“I’d rather watch the last season of Scrubs.”

More to come.


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