Doctors hate her!!!

Gold Coast woman Moniqueelaigh Shannessy has today woken up from a one-night-stand armed with more experimental and clinical knowledge of modern medicine than every health expert on the planet.

The 20-year-old Instagram model says ever since making tender love with a 130-game NRL journeyman last night, she has become acutely aware of how all of the scientists and medical practitioners are lying to us – and actually don’t have our best interests at heart!

Moniqueelaigh’s overnight transition from high school queen bee to one of Australia’s most gifted academics has surprised almost all of her friends and family, many of whom were under the impression that her career trajectory was set to be based around landing a role on MAFS.

However, it seems her newfound ability to debunk 400-years of scientific research isn’t going to be channeled into curing cancer or any other horrible illnesses that someone as smart as her might be kind enough to share some insight into.

Moniqueelaigh is instead focused on dividing Australian families with unsourced information that undermines public health orders in the middle of a pandemic.

This is because she is now a potential Dally M’s Awards Night plus-one, which means she is now a public figure who should be trusted over any local GP.

Her rapid spike in social media followers has only confirmed her position as one of the few people smart enough to dissect mainstream medicine and expose the lies.

“I mean, I’m not the only one who has been looking into this” she says, in reference the ten thousand anti-vaxxers that followed her Instragram page the moment she started posting about ‘freedoms’ and ‘choice’.

What is not known, is why someone as smart as her isn’t willing to 100% back the ‘alternative research’ that she is so willingly polluting social media with.

Despite apparently knowing more than the entire global medical fraternity, Moniqueelaigh is still not that confident in the bullshit she is spouting, and is apparently ‘only asking questions’ – by seeding doubt in the minds of young parents who are desperately looking for some sort of escape from the horrible reality of this pandemic.

“Do your own research”

“Like I have”

“Do your own research into the general consensus that comes from twenty years worth of gruelling medical study”


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