A regional epicentre has today been given that extra oomph it needed to become a Californian beachfront city.

Amidst all of the alcohol-fuelled pub violence and houso blow-ups, the 10,000 person town of Avablue, is now very la-di-da.

Some say it might have been when the surf club unveiled an espresso martini tap, others say it was when Taskforce Maxima raided those houses up on the hill and confiscated a metric tonne of crystal methamphetamine and made 19 arrests.

However, the general consensus is that this town began to sparkle when a couple retired farmers pulled up stumps and moved into the old weatherboard house with the green roof on main street.

Glenn and Wendy McCollette (both 67) have decided that the shark-infested waters of Avablue is where they want to spend their twilight years.

The town is known amongst families on the land as ‘God’s Holding Paddock’ – and has become a popular retirement village for bushies who don’t like the riff raff of a proper tourist town, but also don’t mind seeing an increase property value.

And just a couple blocks from the beach, Glenn and Wendy’s house on main street s a prime example of how with a bit of spit and polish, this town can become one of the most coveted coastal getaways in Australia.

And it all started with two giant Cuban palm trees on their lawn.

“Mate they don’t need much water or pruning” says Glenn.

“Gives it a bit of pizzaz don’t you reckon?”

Within months a couple other locals had followed suit, and before too long the town was starting to look like Santa Monica or Miami.

“Very Californian I’m told” says Wendy.

“I’m just not sure about the mayor’s plan to build a boardwalk with rollercoasters.”

“That might be a bit much”


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