Get up off the couch and get a job you lazy bludger!

That’s the message to ‘lounge lizards’ in the city from the highly paid welfare recipient who is standing in as the Prime Minister of this country this week.

Leaning into the ‘if you have a go you’ll get a go’ rhetoric that is peddled by Scotty from Marketing – Michael McCormack has told people on JobSeeker to head out to the bush and pull their weight.

Pack up your life, your meagre belongings, what connections and opportunities for employment you have in the city and head out to a regional town where there’s an extremely high unemployment rate and get a job!

“There’s plenty of work out here,” said McCormack standing in the main street of a regional Queensland town with an unemployment rate double the national average, and a youth unemployment rate hovering between 20-30% because next to know investment has been put into the shire since the mine out the back closed a few years ago.

“You can pick fruit for a piece rate that’s equivalent to $5 an hour and live in a donga with 20 other fruit pickers who spend 14 hours a day in the sun to try and cover the cost of living,” continued the leader of the party that’s spent the last 20 years cosying up to industrial-scale farms and the resources industry rather than trying to create long term economic sustainability in the regions.

“It’s fun and you can chuck it on your Instagram,” continued the man whose party occasionally pays lip service to properly leaning on their Coalition counterparts to de-centralise things like the public service and try and stimulate the regional economy.

“Come out here to this town where health services are underfunded, schools are underfunded, roads are riddled with potholes and fuck up your car that you can’t afford to have break down and job opportunities are scarce – and get to work.”

“You won’t regret it. And if you do, well suck it up,” finished the man who spends a lot of his time living lavishly in Canberra and Sydney off the public dollar.


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