An amazing app developed by a group of young tech entrepreneurs from Massachusetts is being praised for it’s accuracy in determining which of your friends are racist, or think women are mostly responsible for domestic violence.

Facebook (also known as ‘The Face Book’) has developed an algorithm that notifies users every time one of their friends has racist thoughts or begin to develop prejudices towards people based on their religion our nationality.

Local woman, Sally Bowler has only been using Facebook for several months, but says she is astounded by the app’s ability to reveal casual and political racism within her extended social circle.

“I was amazed, really. I had no idea my high school netball coach was so aggressively opposed to Chinese expatriates buying property in Australia,”

“Or the fact that some of my childhood friends had grown up to be such venomous Islamophobes,”

“It’s really great to know these things. In case I ever want to have anything to do with them again,”

The app, which boasts roughly 1.6 billion users between Android and Apple devices, has also proven accurate at notifying users when someone’s baby looks cute – or when someone notices a colourful cloud formation outside their office window.

“Facebook is really good for picking up things that people wouldn’t necessarily reveal about themselves in person,”

“A guy I used to date is constantly sharing photos that suggest Sharia Law is only months away from being implemented in suburban Australia. It’s quite upsetting to see his opinions on these fabricated propaganda memes.”



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