BUFFALO TRADESMAN: The state recorded 110 new locally acquired cases – of which 44 were reportedly out in the community while infectious – despite the tightening of restrictions for local government areas in Sydney’s south-west.

As this daily number stubbornly refuses to dip below 70 for the last fortnight, other measures are being brought in to stop travel around NSW without having to enter a Melbourne-style stage 4 lockdown.

The Premier’s decision to stand down the city’s tradies and construction workers for a fortnight has struck a terrifying blow to the metropolitan property market, and has in turn left an entire workforce twiddling their thumbs.

The construction ban will also have profound affects on the home-learning education programs in Sydney, as hundreds of thousands of kids will now spend the next two weeks playing Xbox with dad.

Online betting agencies relishing in the new restrictions, as are local bottle shops, as the state’s construction workers find themselves with an empty calendar for the first time since the introduction of negative gearing.

In Sydney’s Earlwood today, local builder Nick Samios (44) has found himself revisiting the early days of his apprenticeship.

“Man, it’s been a while since I was pulling wake and bakes” says the young father, while holding a lighter over an al-foil wrapped peice of garden hose in his back shed.

“I used to love this shit”

It’s been just over 72 hours since the tools down order was given by the NSW Government, Nick says in that time he’s ingesting enough Sky Racing and Cocolemon to last him a year.

“Man free-to-air horse racing is bad for the soul.. But those kids shows are worse”

“I’ve had to fire up a billy just to get through the day”

However, as Nick points out, his temporary self-medication is also bringing back some great memories of his days as a first year apprentice nearly 25 years ago.

“Those were the days” he grins.

“The all or nothing days”

“I had the lowered 89 luxy with the flat tray and I inside that motherfucker at 4 every morning playing careless whispers on this thing”

“Simpler times. More questions less answers”


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