The Federal Government has today revealed that they’ve gone all out on an international lobbying mission.

Not to secure more supply of crucial jabs that could help navigate us out of lockdown, but to try and convince Unesco not to label our Great Barrier Reef ‘In Danger.’

Environment Minister Sussan Ley has reportedly been on a whirlwind international trip to places like Hungary, France, Spain, Oman and the Maldives to try and convince the nation’s voting at the next Unesco meeting not to change our reef’s status.

“I’ve convinced a few nations to get behind us,” said Ley today.

“They are going to label the reef as ‘Goin Through Sum Shit.'”

“Consider it a bit of a crazy lockdown hair do,” laughed the Environment Minister of a nation that has neglected acting to save one of its greatest national assets for decades.

The jet-setting trip comes after the United Nation’s science and culture body announced a couple of months ago that they would be listing the natural wonder as ‘in Danger’ after multiple mass bleaching events and a lack of action on climate change and pollution locally.

Allegations had emerged that the Chinese Government had been behind the push to re-classify the reef, as retaliation for our calls for an inquiry into the origins of the spicy cough, something which the government was obviously pretty clean to latch onto.

However, following our Environment Minister’s trip, it looks as though we may have some luck in glossing over the critical threats to the existence of the Reef for another few years, with a significant number of nations happy to support the ‘Going Thru Sum Shit” motion.


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