NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just wrapped up the 11am daily press conference, in which she announced that her state has recorded 98 new active cases, of which 20 were infectious in the community.

With stricter lockdown measures being placed on the South-West corridor of Sydney, and a city-wide ban on all construction work – the Premier says it will take up to 5 days to see the results of her government’s newest efforts to avoid a full-scale Melbourne lockdown.

Sitting on his couch in Malabar today, local father-of-3 Ron McGurk (44) says the novelty of this second stint indoors is starting to wear thing.

“Look I’m lucky to be able to live so close to one of Australia’s premiere coastal walks” says the currently stood down auctioneer, whose teenage daughters are old enough to be able to turn on a laptop themselves and spend the day in their bedrooms being educated by their school teachers.

“And yeah, I guess we are lucky that most of our city don’t live in high-rises, and we can get to and from the shops without coughing on eachother”

“But, outside of that… It’s just so boring”

“I don’t know if I’d be able to survive this lockdown if sport wasn’t considered an essential service”

“Makes you really feel for Melbourne, aye. Having to cop their lockdown last year with nothing on TV except 16 matches of AFL over 4 months”

As Ron points out, he’s not exactly starved for exciting sporting events involving teams that he supports.

“Man I guess I’m just lucky for the 24-hour-coverage of Wimbledon, Le Tour, Wallabies, UFC, Origin, Euros, NBA Finals, Boomers, Opals, British Open, AFL and the regular NRL”

“I actually don’t have the time to watch regular premiership footy. Especially when I’m up all night watching Azzuri or Barty”

However, Ron does hold grave concerns for how he’s going to kill time if this lockdown gets extended again.

“Outside the Tokyo Summer Olympics, I’m gonna be hard pressed to find some decent live sport over the next fortnight”


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