As the state ventures into their 6th weekend in lockdown, there have been 163 new locally acquired new cases reported in New South Wales, a new daily record.

Of those, 66 were household contacts and 45 were infectious in the community.

These chilling numbers have seen NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard make the interesting that “Unfortunately cases continue to rise.”.

But that wasn’t the only wisdom he imparted on his constituents this morning, Hazzard then went on to tell everyone about where this Western Sydney cluster was most prevalent.

“What it’s telling us is we have a continuing and growing problem particular in west and southwest Sydney,” Mr Hazzard, said.

In what can only be infuriating news for the Dan Andrews loyalists in Victoria, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian decided to not make an appearance at today’s press conference, a choice that even her most vocal political opponents admit isn’t that big of a deal because it’s not going to change anything anyway.

With cases roaring higher and higher each day, the people of NSW have all unanimously acknowledged that maybe this one’s gotten away from ya sis.

While it is generally acknowledged that the Premier was feeling extreme pressure from the Prime Minister to not immediately call a snap lockdown the moment they found out there’d been an active case coughing all over the Bondi Westfield for 7 days in a row nearly 6 weeks ago, there is very little sympathy for the binfire the Premier and her wet Liberal colleagues now have on their hands after making the decision to appease the most incompetent Federal Government in living memory and not shutting things down earlier in an effort to make the Labor Premiers look like reactionary dictators.

In an even bigger blow to the 7 million people locked down from Wollongong to Terrigal, Mr Hazzard said he couldn’t confirm reports Prime Minister Scott Morrison is sending more vaccines to NSW from an emergency stockpile, after the state asked for more Pfizer for southwest Sydney.


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