Despite the the Murdoch newspapers and Sky News working their rings out to protect the Morrison government from any form of criticism, it seems that not even the manipulation of 70% of Australia’s media market has been able to stop the public’s very obvious shift against Scotty From Marketing.

This comes as Melbourne extends their lockdown another two weeks and brings in evening curfews, the Northern Territory will announce a new snap stay-at-home order as well, while NSW records the highest case numbers ever recorded in one day.

Canberra has also recorded 18 new cases, and will remain in lockdown in indefinitely.

Queensland and WA remain the last two open economies, but they live in fear of having a snap lockdown called at any given moment, because Scotty’s jab roll-out is about two months behind countries like Bolivia and Kazakhstan – and he has flat out refused to build any quarantine facilities.

While talkback shock jocks and the NewsCorp culture wars reporters work tirelessly to find ways to blame the Federal Opposition, or the state Premiers, or just ‘immigrants’ for these never-ending lockdowns – even the most pigheaded Sky News uncle on Facebook can see that no one is to blame for this binfire except that useless fuck that has gamed political mediocrity and media detachment all the way into the role of Prime Minister – a job he clearly isn’t cut out for.

Now with Taliban taking over Kabul before Scotty’s even fucken managed to evacuate the poor bastards that helped keep our troops safe over there, and the Biloela family facing immediate deportation from Perth after hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in ruining the childhoods of those two little Australian-born Tamil girls, it has become very clear that the Morrison Government’s style of ‘kicking-the-can-down-the-road’ governance causes nothing but cruelty and suffering for those exposed to his stubborn incompetence.

Today, with the Premiers forced to take control of the jab roll-outs and financial stimulus payments for out of work citizens, Australians have just told Scotty to put on some Christian rock and shut up, before he causes another trade war with China that fucks our farmers even further in an effort to distract us from how shit he is at his job.

“Please shut up” says Australia.

“You are not helping”

“You are more of a hindrance to anything that we are trying to achieve here”


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