STRONG BORDERS! The youngest girl of the only family detained on Christmas Island has been diagnosed with sepsis, in a fatal blow for people smugglers.

Tharnicaa (3) was flown to Perth yesterday for urgent treatment, after weeks of Immigration staff ignoring her pleas for medical attention.

Her parents Nadesalingam and Priya had lived in the remote Queensland town of Biloela for several years where they had become valued community members. That was until Australian Border Force officers, police and Serco guards raided their home at dawn in 2017, taking the husband and wife and their two Australia-born children into custody in separate vans.

Home Affairs remains firm that they’ve made the right decision by spending $90m dollars torturing this family for five years since then, insisting that you’ve got to spend that kind of money to make sure an Aussie gets first dibs on any job openings at the Teys meatworks in Biloela, where Nadesalingam was employed as a labourer.

The Tamil family of four who were then deported from central Queensland town, before becoming sole inmates in the Christmas Island Immigration centre.

This government is still spending upwards of $30,000 per day keeping the Biloela family on Christmas Island – which costs a lot more than having just let that poor bloke keep his job in the meat works to begin with and helping them through the clerical error that saw their visa expire for 24 hours.

However, both the PM, Peter Dutton and his successor Karen Andrews argue that it’s not the Australian government’s problem that this innocent family could be killed in ethnic conflict upon return to Sri Lanka.

That’s why they are patting themselves on the back over this young girl’s recent sepsis diagnosis.

“People smugglers will be quaking in their boots!” said Karen Andrews MP.

“When they find out the lengths we are willing to go to detain Aussie born toddlers in sweltering offshore cages for so long that the they can’t even grow teeth because of the lack of sunlight”

“And then reluctantly provide them with a medevac to Perth when the torturous conditions cause them to develop sepsis”

“They’ll think twice about being born in Biloela! That’s for sure!”


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