Hip hop fans around the world are struggling to function at full capacity today, following the long-awaited release of Kanye West’s tenth studio album.

Kanye dropped the 27-track “Donda,” at 10pm AEST last night, it comes more than a month after its original release date.

In the lead up to this release, he has hosted three enormous listening parties – finishing with a Chicago stadium event, during which his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian appeared onstage in a wedding gown.

As is the case with every single thing the 44-year-old American rapper, producer and fashion designer puts his name to – the immediate response from both his fans and critics is one of extreme confusion.

In Betoota’s light industrial Northwoodlakes Business Park, a local Regulatory Affairs Manager Aaron Lee (38), is basically of no use to anyone in his office today.

“I just… Don’t really know what’s going on” says Aaron, as he begins to sift through all 109 minutes of Donda for the fifth time this morning.

“I’m sure there’s a couple gems in here. There always is… But I think i’m going to need to listen to this all week to figure out what he’s doing here”

As one of the most celebrated and annoying recording artists since Freddie Mercury, the most recent addition to the Kanye West discography is currently going through the same paces where everyone says they aren’t sure they like it, but end up rotating between two or three songs throughout Christmas.

However, the hundreds of millions of his loyalists around the world admit that it’s always a draining exercise to get their head around the genius in the bulk order of borderline-gospel trolling.

The coworkers of undercover hip hop fans in workplaces right around the world have also come to terms with the fact that their colleagues will not be on the ball today, or probably tomorrow either – as they attempt to process 109 raw minutes of Kanye West.

Aaron is one of these hip hop guys.

“Yeah. I’ll get back to your email after lunch if thats alright” he says to his boss.

“I’m pretty sure track 14 features a sample of the sample that J-Lo used in Jenny From The Block”

“I’m just a bit all over the shop today. Album number 10 has really thrown me”


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